Shocking kidnapping of girls in Gaziantep!


    There was a shocking incident of kidnapping girls in Gaziantep, which is often on the agenda for such news. In the information received, three people who introduced themselves as the filming team kidnapped 17-year-old Berfin Uçar on the pretext of taking him to the hospital.

    According to the allegation, Berfin Uçar, who was previously kidnapped and was found by the gendarmerie during the road control, was taken under state protection. F.Ç., who came again to kidnap 17-year-old Berfin, who was returned to his family at the request of his father. The person named did not succeed thanks to Berfin locking himself on the balcony. On September 8, 2020, when his father Mehmet Uçar went to Kahramanmaraş to testify, 3 persons disguised as nurses and paramedics who came to the house of their uncle where they stayed, introduced themselves as the filming team. The individuals who said that Berfin had to be taken to the hospital for examination and test due to the process experienced due to the kidnapping, took him to the hospital with a relative. The persons entering through one door of the hospital and leaving the other door with the girl disappeared. The father, who learned that his daughter was not in the hospital, was destroyed, realizing that his daughter was abducted. Stating that he had not heard from his daughter for 17 days, father Mehmet Uçar asked the authorities to find his daughter.

    “Previously abducted gendarme found it”
    Stating that his daughter had been abducted before, his father Uçar said, “He kidnapped about 1.5 months ago. They were caught by the gendarmerie in Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş. They delivered my daughter to the state dormitory. I went 3 days later and received my daughter. We had no trouble with my daughter. “My daughter did not want F. Ç., who kidnapped her,” he said.

    “Berfin survived by locking himself on the balcony”
    Saying that on September 7, her daughter escaped from those who came to abduct her to the balcony and said, “I had to testify at the Prosecutor’s Office for kidnapping her daughter. We visited our uncle in Gaziantep. F.Ç. The person named comes with 5-6 people. He comes in and batters women. My daughter Berfin is getting away by locking herself on the balcony. My daughter did not want this person. I am definitely worried about my daughter’s life safety ”.
    “They kidnapped my daughter saying we are the fillation team”
    Stating that her daughter was kidnapped by introducing 3 people as the filming team, Uçar said, “They were following us, they come home with 3 people when we are not at home. They said that we are the filming team and your daughter should get a report at the hospital. They told the cousin, who went with the girl, to wait at the door of the hospital, because of the pandemic, they said wait a bit. I have not heard from my daughter since that day. Please ask the authorities to find my daughter and deliver it to me ”.

    His cousin Meral Uçar said, “The person who came home to kidnap Berfin before also battered my mother. Berfin escaped to the balcony. We immediately informed the police,” he said.

    In case citizens make a complaint to against such abductions, we will immediately inform the authorities in this regard.


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