Second hand vehicle sales started to decline


Turkey also record Korona prices rising abruptly after virus outbreak associated with undemanding to the vehicle 2 is experiencing the recession in recent days in the used car market.

While there is an abundance of vehicles in auto galleries, which are the frequented addresses of citizens who will buy second hand vehicles, citizens complain that they cannot buy the vehicle they want due to the high prices. Fahri Karlık, a dealer shopkeeper who buys and sells used cars in Izmir, said that the prices of second hand vehicles increased due to the pandemic and they did not expect it to fall easily.

Stating that there has been a stagnation in the second hand vehicle market for the last week, Karlık said, “Because interest rates, foreign currency and gold increased. We expect this recession to continue for about 2 months. We expect high prices to continue until April and May 2021. Some vigilant people turn off the zero vehicles coming to the dealers. They can keep this vehicle in one place for 1-2 months and sell this vehicle for a price higher than the price at the dealership. “People buy vehicles from these people because they cannot find new vehicles,” he said.

“Prices increase even more” Dealer shopkeeper Cebrail Damar, who said that the second-hand vehicle market is in an upward trend again, said, “There is stagnation in the market due to the rise in loan rates and the sale of used cars at exorbitant prices. People are constantly asking about vehicles. I do not predict that the market will decrease the prices until 2021. “I expect the car market to rise even more,” he said. “There is a difference of 20 thousand TL until 3 months ago” Nurettin Top, who took the road to auto showrooms to buy a vehicle, complained about the increase in prices. Defending that there was a price difference of at least 20 thousand lira for each car until 3 months ago, Nurettin Top said, “We cannot find the vehicle we sell for the same price. We cannot get the car we want. The car sold to 30 thousand is now 50 thousand lira. “We are obliged to look at the lower price of the car we sell,” he said.

We have become unable to get in the car, especially due to the increased second-hand vehicle prices after the exchange rate increase.


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