Important development for Cavid 19 vaccine!


    Dear Minister Koca addressed the 70th European Regional Committee General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO), which he attended via videoconference.

    Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stated that the whole world is following the developments regarding the Covid-19 vaccine with great hope and continued as follows: “In this process, WHO has very important duties regarding both the reliability and fair distribution of the vaccine.

    We emphasized on every platform that the world needs a strong WHO and that we are the advocates of this. In this process, the Regional Office of the view that it is proactive in the most appropriate solutions and development needs of the European Region we have will also be pleased. “Turkey more than 150 countries help was minister husband held out his hand, stressing the need solidarity and unity in koronavirüsl fight,” My country at the international solidarity in this process He has shown concrete examples by contributing to the procurement process of more than 150 countries and international organizations. “

    Reminding that they put the WHO Istanbul Office, which will serve within the scope of health emergencies, to the service of the region last week with Hans Kluge, Regional Director for Europe, as an indication of the belief in strong WHO and regional solidarity, Koca said: I would like to state that my country’s donation of $ 25 million is an important support given to global health security. Considering the fight against Kovid-19, I hope that the office, which is also very critical in terms of timing, will deliver concrete outputs of global quality. “

    WHO Regional Director for Europe Kluge thanking the Minister for her husband vision document submitted to Turkey, expressed a shared vision of the health status of the region will contribute to the improvement. Stating that he saw a strong emphasis on not leaving anyone behind in the program, Koca added: “I would like to express my satisfaction that the immigration health program continues with the new changes made.

    I would like to see that the issue is one of the top priority fields of work in the European Region for my country, which is under a great burden on migration and health on behalf of the whole of Europe. “considering the labor of our situation brave medics we are in, Nurses and midwives I support your vision 2021 extension of the year even more, I suggest expanding the selection of the Year of Health Care workers 2021.” he said. from the WHO European Director for Turkey Praise the WHO European Regional Director Hans Kluge also praised the combating of and coronavirus outbreak of the health services in Turkey. Turkey visited the refugees assistance to northwest on medical supplies convoys to Syria that, explaining that visited primary health care at the Kluge, said he was impressed with the sights. Doctor, nurse and social worker He spoke with lışmacı, Syrian refugees and health workers receive certification by attending training, while their salary is paid by the government in Turkey and Klug voicing allowed to work, “Human-oriented, gender and culture they offer precision and the language barrier is exceeded health services.

    I have never seen such a thing in my life and I have been incredibly impressed. ”Kluge, referring to the importance of preparedness and response capacity for the growing number of emergencies in European countries, said:“ We have good news about that. It is four days before the Republic of Turkey Health Minister Dr. Together with Fahrettin Koca, we held the signing ceremony and opening of the new Geographical Discrete Office, which will serve for preparation in Istanbul, with connections from four different points. Dr. Husband, I know you guys are watching this video. Thank you and your awesome team. “

    In the face of these developments, we hope every day as Turkish people.


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