Great support from President Tunç Soyer to farmers!


    After he became president, 120 thousand calendula bulbs were distributed to 60 producers to increase the production of daffodils, especially in Karaburun, and 150 kilograms of sahlep tubers were distributed to 11 producers to start the production of sahlep in Urla.

    Small producers, who had a hard time during the pandemic period, thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the support given. Conducting a series of activities to support agriculture and animal husbandry in İzmir, to strengthen cooperatives, and to encourage the production of alternative income generating products in the countryside, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has made the producers from Karaburun and Urla smile today. In Karaburun, famous for its narcissus, daffodil flower bulbs prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase the production of daffodil flowers, which has decreased over the years, and salep tubers that will start the cultivation of salep in Urla were distributed to 71 producers.

    Özuslu: “We stand by the producer” The distribution of daffodil onions started in Karaburun Küçükbahçe Village, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, Karaburun Mayor İlkay Girgin Erdoğan, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, İzmir Village-Coop Association President Neptün Soyer, cooperative managers village headmen and villagers attended.

    Addressing the producers here, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is always with the producers and will continue to be, “With this support we have provided to our villagers and farmers from Karaburun who have been producing daffodils with limited opportunities in their gardens and fields. We aim to grow family economies. By distributing sahlep tubers in Urla, we start the cultivation of an alternative income generating product for our producers. It is our greatest wish that our producers live a life they deserve. The support of our President Tunç Soyer, who said “another agriculture is possible”, will always be with you, “he said.
    Thanks to Mayor Soyer Mayor of Karaburun İlkay Girgin Erdoğan stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stood behind this promise, saying “Another agriculture is possible” and said, “Today, distribution is made to our producers who do not buy daffodil onions. With the support of the Metropolitan, I hope we can achieve our performance in the production of narcissus years ago. It is very nice to see the Metropolitan with us, ”he said. İzmir Village-Coop Union President Soyer: “We will overcome difficulties with solidarity İzmir Village-Coop Union President Neptün Soyer stated that they serve as one hundred agricultural development cooperatives in all districts and said,“ The pandemic reminded us once again the importance of solidarity and trust in each other. All the blessings that nature has given us are united in Karaburun. Do not hesitate to deliver your products to Köy-Koop. The support of your İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and your Mayor of Karaburun İlkay Girgin Erdoğan is at your side. “We can achieve this job, we can overcome the problems we have experienced during the pandemic process with local production and consumption,” he said. The distribution of daffodils, which started in Küçükbahçe Village, continued in the villages of Joyhoca, Kösedere, Mordoğan, Parlak, Salman and Sarpıncık. 120 thousand daffodil bulbs were distributed to 60 producers. The excitement of salep planting in Urla After Karaburun, 150 kilograms of sahlep tubers were distributed to 11 producers living in Barbaros and Birgi villages in Urla Barbaros Village Square and will start producing sahlep.
    20 kilograms of sahlep tubers were delivered to Urla Municipality to start the cultivation of sahlep on municipal land. Speaking in the distribution program, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ertuğrul Tugay stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer continues to work with the slogan “Another agriculture is possible”, “We protect our local seeds, we increase the product range with alternative products.” We supported beekeeping, sheep farming and strawberry production in Urla. Now we will expand the production of sahlep. “We will increase the bite of the producer by encouraging the production of sahlep that grows naturally but is in the process of disappearing.” Barbaros Ersan, Head of Urla Barbaros Village, said, “Thank you, Metropolitan has supported us. Now we are taking the first step with our 11 manufacturers. We are excited, “he said.

    On the other hand, after the speeches, Neptün Soyer, Head of İzmir Village-Coop Union and Ertuğrul Brigade, Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality distributed salep bump to the producers. Producers are happy and hopeful, Karaburunlu and Urla producers stated that farming is very difficult and they are going through difficult times, “Thank you, we will get additional income by planting these products distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality. We stand with the support of the Metropolitan. “We would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which always stands by the small producer.” The number of daffodil flower producers in Karaburun has reached 124.

    When it decreased, Metropolitan Municipality rolled up its sleeves, and in order to increase the production of narcissus, which was scarce in the district, 317,500 pieces of daffodil bulbs were distributed to 64 producers in Karaburunlu Bozköy, İskele, Saip, Tepeboz and the central districts. Daffodil bulbs, all of which were planted in September, started to be harvested at the beginning of winter, and the daffodil flowers were presented to Izmir residents at the Karaburun Narcissus Festival held on January 26, 2020. It conducts soil analysis, suggests fertilization, and organizes informative meetings in the gardens of producers who grow metropolitan narcissus. Agricultural engineering support for planting, maintenance and harvesting will continue to be provided by the Metropolitan Municipality to all producers. Salep will be grown on 6 decares of land in Urla in the first stage, with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, sahlep cultivation that will start on a 6 decare land in Urla will be expanded in other districts in the coming period. With this project, the diversification of agricultural production with high added value in the region and the revival of the endangered salep production in the peninsula region will be provided. The widespread use of sahlep production in the region will provide significant gains to village and family budgets. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will support producers in planting, maintenance, harvesting and drying methods. Salep tubers planted in the field in September and October will grow throughout the winter and can be harvested in April.

    We can definitely say that president Soyer brought the farmer and the public together.


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