Good news of October 4th, World Animal Day!


For the cutest animals in the world, Konak Municipality joined hands with non-governmental organizations, mukhtars and citizens for the 4th October World Animal Day; Hundreds of parcels containing materials for the needs of stray animals met with lovely friends from Konak.

Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, together with the İzmir representative of the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) Esin Önder and HAYTAP members, went to the Veterinary Affairs Directorate and examined the work carried out on site. “We carry out the service we provide for our lives on the streets in constant communication with animal lovers and non-governmental organizations. Saying that HAYTAP is very important to us in this sense, President Batur continued his words as follows: “Animal Protection Day is one day a year, but we protect our lovely friends who know the streets of our city home and work for their health and long life. On the World Animal Day, our main goal is to raise awareness and increase the sensitivity of all Konak people, especially our children. ” Full marks from HAYTAP HAYTAP İzmir Representative Esin Önder stated that they were happy to work and cooperate with Konak Municipality. Drawing attention to the HAYTAP logo and informative designs on the cat houses, Önder said, “We always work in cooperation with Konak Municipality. The cat houses built were a surprise for us. We were both emotional and proud to see our informative designs and logo on them. He said, “Let Konak Municipality’s work be an example for other municipalities.” They will not get cold this winter Konak Municipality veterinarians delivered 3 tons of cat and dog food to mukhtars and determined feeding points for the 4th October World Animal Protection Day.

The distribution of the foods was carried out by the Veterinary Affairs Directorate of the municipality, as well as by the members of animal lover non-governmental organizations and Konak mukhtars. In order to keep the environment clean and the animals to be fed in healthier conditions, 500 food containers took their place in the feeding stops along with the food. In Konak Municipality workshops for cats, 100 two-storey cat houses made of waste car tires and 150 cat houses with roofs made of waterproof material were placed at suitable points for cats to spend a comfortable winter by protecting them from cold and rain. On the other hand, cat litter for cats and 10 thousand feces collection bags for dogs were presented to animal lovers.

Konak municipality delighted us all with this consistent behavior.


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