Do not discriminate against healthcare professionals!


Flexible shifts were introduced in all public institutions that were subject to discrimination.

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Yes, well, have healthcare workers been able to switch to flexible shifts? No. It is called flexible working in the public sector, but the reality is that those working in public institutions, excluding healthcare professionals. In other words, only the employees of the Ministry of Health are excluded. Some administrations are not unknown when they employ office clerks flexibly. In short, flexible shifts were introduced, excluding healthcare professionals. Then, during the Covid-19 pandemic, these people work devotedly. Why then is that unit this unit distinction made?

If it will be left to the hospital management as in the previous application, the ceiling additional payment; It will completely destroy the unity and solidarity of the healthcare professionals who fight relentlessly in the pandemic struggle of the discrimination to be experienced. If the additional payment Circular to be published includes a distinction between healthcare professionals struggling as a team in the covid-19 pandemic, it will not go beyond the breakdown of work peace.

If we go to the hospital, if there is no welcoming and guiding staff to meet the patient at the door, if the laboratory is not working, if the information process is not provided, if the material is not provided, if the data is not entered, will the system work? Especially the labor of hospital workers who have been working wholeheartedly away from their loved ones by disregarding their own lives for 6 months should not be disregarded. If these worker brothers and sisters do not benefit from the additional payment repeatedly, they will be injured in the same place once again. If the payment is left to the initiative of the managers, as in the case of flexible work, it will not even be sincere to hear that the personnel sitting at the desk and performing flexible work are given additional payments, while the personnel who are not allowed even because of the need during the pandemic period will not be sincere to hear that there is no additional payment. The expected additional payment regulation will not disturb business peace and will not include applications based on torpedoes.

What happened in flexible work practice disturbs the motivation and work peace of the staff. On the basis of flexible working hours, the additional payment distribution to be determined by the contracted executives who showed the curiosity to do the APPLICATION, which they came to the hospital for two days a week, but who were sitting idly as my friend on those two days, first to the Presidential system, and then to Dr. Fahrettin KOCA will not go beyond hitting his vision. While the smoking penalty for the personnel working in the field has been cut, the contracted managers assigned separate rooms for the data to be obtained from the system, allocated separate rooms, flexible working practice, and also informed about the tea, coffee and cigarette smoking in the employees’ room.

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